there is reason behind the name of my blog, few years back when first started growing my closet was covered in lady bugs

alot has changed since ive been on here. my life is so different

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sea horse (by Zanthia)
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Bell Jellyfish
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A butterfly lands on the nose of Hugo the killer whale. Seaquarium, Miami, Florida - June 1970
Photo: Alan Band/ox Photos/Getty
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A 2 weeks old baby panda.
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Stockton Star Trails (by Craig Holloway)
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Ingleton Falls Milky Way (by MatthewSavage.Photography)
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Saltwater Crocodile or Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) surfacing to breath, Oro Bay, Papua New Guinea by Mike Parry
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Broken Darkness
by Artur Stanisz
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Duo Maria
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see you again tomorrow | choat photographer
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Quiescent by Phil~Koch on Flickr.
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Ursula Abresch Expression
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Big Bang!!! (by nimitnigam)