there is reason behind the name of my blog, few years back when first started growing my closet was covered in lady bugs

alot has changed since ive been on here. my life is so different

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Shark Week by Bo Bridges
cloudsurrogate by (Rudolf Getel)
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Reflection | © | Floeme
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Macaw in flight by Dylan Halff
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Come on guys!
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Kilian Schönberger
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Golden Hour | by Chris Henderson | Facebook.
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Armor Upgrade
Some species of hermit crab fortify their defenses by attaching stinging sea anemones onto their shells.
This upgrade is enough to repel even crafty predators such as octopuses, whose arms recoil when coming into contact with the anemone’s stinging tentacles.
Large hermits can stack multiple anemones onto their shells, increasing their defenses further. Crabs with more anemones are less likely to be attacked by predators. 
The anemone supposedly benefits from this arrangement too—the hermit crab provides it with motility, food (thanks to the crab’s messy eating), and protection against fire worms (which prey upon the anemone).

image source: Warren Photographic
reference: Atkinson. 2012.
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The Old Ones Remember
In addition to their unparalleled powers of camouflage, octopuses are equipped with incredible powers of the mind.
Octopuses have evolved a brain and central nervous system comparable to that of vertebrates, endowing these creatures with the ability to learn through observation, and form long-term memories of their experiences. 
The remarkable mental faculties of octopuses, the most advanced among all invertebrates, has made them ideal subjects for research on neurobiology. Scientists continue to call upon the knowledge of the Old Ones study these amazing cephalopods to discover more about the processes of learning and memory.
image source: Portland Aquarium website
reference: Hochner et al. 2006.
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Andean Cock of the rock by 

Hrishikesh Sabnis
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Colorado River, UtahMatthew Foster
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Holy dolphin by Victor Lyagushkin